Electrical Durability
Automated test equipment designed to perform Electrical endurance, durability, make break tests, Life tests on MCB’s with motorised or pneumatic fixtures to operate the MCB’s with regulated voltage source and mixed resistive inductive loads to simulate power factors 0.2 to 1 or loads specific to applications like Motor pumps, Street lights etc.

Mechanical Durability
Automated test equipment designed to perform Mechanical durability/ Life tests on MCB’s with motorised or pneumatic fixtures to operate the MCB’s with regulated voltage sources with RT/FPGA based controllers.

Heat run/Temperature rise test setup
Regulated Current source as said above with Temperature, milli volt data logger with multiple additional functions like time totaliser, increase current after set time etc..

28 Days test setup for MCB.
Regulated Current source with RT based controller to perform tests as per 60947-2 or 60898 etc.. along with a controlled low air velocity climatic chamber.

Bi-metal characterization setup
Regulated DC current source to pump in the current required for heating the Bimetal as required apply the effort on the bending side of the Bimetal as per the curve (with a mobile load cell which will move if excess force is observed) and plot the temperature on the point of measure Vs deflection of Bimetal with respect to the point of effort(Trip lever point).

Tripping characterization setup
Regulated Current source (AC or DC) with a Low air velocity climatic chamber. The system is used for characterization of Circuit breakers for the tripping curve by passing the non trip and thermal trip currents and the time would be recorded. This system can also be used for many other characteristics like trip time repeat-ability of breakers etc..

Circuit Breaker factory calibration setup
This setup is part of the manufacturing line were the circuit breaker could be loaded and calibrated by passing the required trip current and adjusting the trip screw as programmed. This system could be either a manual, semi automatic or fully automated were the MCB could be loaded from a conveyor loaded into the fixture current passed and screws adjusted to calibrate the circuit breaker print or Laser mark on the circuit breaker and ejected after verification.

Mechanical characterization setup (force Vs linear displacement, torque Vs angular displacement)
This system is a tool to characterize a mechanical part which can be moved or altered by external forces, which is very useful in design and manufacture of electrical switchgear, but not limited this system will be handy for any mechanical characterization and has the same principles of a UTM with more axis and flexibility and custom made for the requirements wereas a UTM is used mostly for measuring the strength of materials.

This system again can also be used for repeat-ability and reproduce-ability tests.

Contact us for a customized validated solution – we are not limited by the list above but only by your imagination.